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Veal Scalopini Salad with Grilled Pancetta Wrapped Figs, Goat Cheese and Shitake Mushrooms

By Connie Deady from Occidental Petroleum Corp. in Los Angeles, Ca

1 1/2 lb.LeQuebecois Grain Fed veal sirloin, thinly sliced & pounded into 16 pieces
8 oz. Goat Cheese, crumbled
4 large Shitake Mushrooms
4 oz. pancetta
8 large figs sliced in half
20 large sage leaves cut into 1/4 inch chiffonade
4 T butter
1/4 cup olive oil

Ingredients For Dressing:
1/2 cup Fig infused Balsamic Vinegar
1 cup olive oil
pinch of salt & pepper
4 heads belgian endive, separated
6 oz. Arugula

1. Wrap each fig half with pancetta and chill well about 30 minutes.
2. Quickly deep fry sage and drain on paper towel.
3. Lightly rub shitake mushrooms with oil and grill about 3 minutes on each side. Remove from grill and when cool
julienne about 1/4" pieces.
4. Grill pancetta wrapped figs about 3 minutes on each side and set aside.
5. Melt the 4 tablespoons of butter & oil together. Drege veal medallions lightly in flour and saute about 2-3 minutes
on each side.
Remove from pan and deglaze pan with 2 oz. of the vinagrette, reduce until thickened and put veal and the sliced
shitake mushrooms back in pan toss to lightly coat.

In bowl mix arugula & endive together and toss with vinaigrette. Divide salad onto four dinner plates. Sprinkle crumbled
goat cheese on top of greens then the sliced shitakes. place 4 veal medallions on center of each plate.
Arrange 4 figs around edges and finish with a sprinkling of fried sage on top of veal.

Olive Oil Poached Veal Medallions with Spaghetti Squash Salad and Shiitake Mushroom Vinaigrette

By Justin Ward from Art Institute of Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia

½ c thinly sliced shiitake mushrooms-stems removed
¼ c. extra virgin olive oil
3 Tbs. fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 Tbs. Champagne vinegar
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 tsp honey
kosher salt – to taste
cracked black pepper – to taste

Directions for the Shitake-Lemon Vinaigrette:
Combine mushrooms and extra virgin oil in small sauce pot and place over low flame. Steep the mushrooms in the
warm oil for 20-30 minutes or until mushrooms are soft. Keep the oil temperature below 125 degrees to avoid any
type of simmer. Remove from heat and reserve. In a mixing bowl combine lemon juice, champagne vinegar, Dijon and
honey. Whisk to incorporate. Slowly drizzle in warm mushroom oil while whisking. Season with salt and pepper.
Hold at room temperature until needed.

Dietary Wiener Schnitzel

By Mutyur Schweiger (adopted by Agnes Schweiger) from Culinary Video Studio (formerly) in Sherman Oaks, CA

4 Servings:
4 slices TOP ROUND grain fed Veal Quebecois(each not more than 6 oz)
4 egg WHITES
4 oz milk
4 tablespoon all purpose flower
2 cup of bread crumbs
8 oz Olive oil
1-2 pinch of Nutmeg powder
Salt and Pepper
4 nice lemon wedges

Put each slice of top round between two Cellon Wrap and pound them evenly.Mix Salt-Pepper and Nutmeg mix and
and powder each side of the slices of Veal lightly.COVER THEM with a kitchen Towel and rest them in the refrigerator
for 1/2-1 hour.Beat egg whites add the cold milk together. Make your coating line: The flower in a TEA strainer
(this way you can lightly "powder" the slices, than deep them briefly in the egg white-milk mix and immediately the
bread crumb coating.Rest them 15 minutes. I suggesting to "STEAM FRY" them in 2 pieces at the time in a 12" frying
pan with a proper lead (best is glass)Heat the pan and add the OLIVE OIL, wait 1-2 minutes and put two pieces in
and COVER. As soon you see the edges changing color turn them and COVER again.NEWER TURN TWICE!!!!!
When they ready tap them with paper towel.

Serve it with small portion of mashed potatoes and Vichy water steamed baby carrots. DONT FORGET SERVE
This dish with this fantastic tasty grain fed DIATERY VEAL DO NOT-DO- NOT NEED frying in butter or lard like in

Veal with Roquefort and Smoked Lardoons

By Mike Stanchek from Courtyard Grill, Hobe Sound, FL

Veal top round (18-20 oz)
Nueske’s Smoked Applewood slab bacon (2 thick slices, julienned)
Heavy cream (10 oz)
Sherry (5 oz)
Roquefort (6 oz)
s & p (pinch)

­Cut six 3-4 oz pieces and pound out with small side of tenderizer
­season with salt and pepper, lightly dust with flour
­pan sautee in hot olive oil, apprx. two minutes, turning once
­drain oil and add lardoons, allow to cook for one full minute
­de-glaze pan with sherry, followed by heavy cream and roquefort
­reduce to thicker consistency
­Place three medallions on each plate, top with sauce from pan. served well with dutchess style parsnip potatoes
and grilled asparagus.

­1/2 cup hot mashed potatoes
­1/2 cup hot mashed parsnips
­2 egg yolks, beaten
­1/2 tsp white pepper
­1/2 tsp nutmeg
­pinch salt
­1 tbsp butter
­1 tbsp melted butter

Mix all ingredients (less the melted butter) and place in piping bag
­pipe onto greased baking sheet in swirled mounds. drizzle with melted butter.
­place in 450 degree oven for 10 minutes or until golden brown.