How we Make our Veal Demi-glace

Le Quebecois Grain-fed Veal Demi-Glace is made from
top-quality ingredients and with tremendous care.
We start with a blend of all-natural grain-fed veal bones
that includes high-gelatin sections normally left out of
other pre-made demi-glaces.  

Then, while skimming regularly, we simmer the bones
for 24 hours with fresh mirepoix, leeks, herbs, tomato paste,
water, and nothing else.  No roux, no thickeners, no starches,
no colorings, no glutens, no fats or trans-fats,
no preservatives, no stabilizers. 

Next, we pass the liquid through a chinois and slowly reduce
it by approximately two-thirds in volume over the course of five hours.

Finally, we rapidly chill the veal demi-glace, transfer it to 4 lb. tubs, and blast freeze it.

The end result is a product that you can be proud of incorporating into your dishes.

Le Quebecois Veal Demi is
made from a blend of:

Marrow Bones
Neck Bones
Mixed Bones
Scalded Calf Feet

Shelf-life & Storage

You will receive Le Québécois Veal Demi in frozen
4lb. tubs. Once the demi is defrosted, it has a
one-week shelf-life. If you need small quantities of
demi at a time, you can defrost, then re-freeze in
ice cube trays for later use.  Defrosting and
subsequent re-freezing will not affect product quality.