Top 5 Reasons to buy
pre-made Demi-Glace

Why roast, dice, skim and simmer when you can simply defrost?

1. Save Money on Labor, Ingredients & Energy
Ounce-for-ounce, pre-made demi will save you money without sacrificing quality.  And, not only will you significantly reduce your labor costs, food costs and energy costs, but you can use your freed-up time for more profitable things.
Learn more about how veal demi saves you money.

2. Working with pre-made Demi is EASY!
Stop wrestling with frozen bones and massive stock pots, and dealing with the disposal of the waste bones.  Get dishes to the customer faster, with no stocks to reduce on the line.  Just defrost and use.
It’s that easy.

3. Calculate your Food Costs more Precisely
How do you properly cost out an ounce of demi glace when it took bones, vegetables, some of a prep cook’s labor, stove gas, etc?  You can’t accurately cost it.  But, if you buy pre-made demi, you can easily cost-out an ounce of demi.

4. One less thing for you to worry about
No more burned bones and scorched pots.  No more overboiled stocks.  No more sloppy skimming.  Of course, you can make your own demi, but why bother?  You and your staff can devote more time to creativity and executing other tasks with precision.

5. Improve Kitchen Safety
Having even one less giant stockpot of boiling liquid can make your kitchen safer for you and your staff. And, you will no longer need to leave burners on overnight unattended.