Expertly made Veal Demi-glace
Our executive chef makes demi-glace by hand with the same
amount of care you would. Our blend of veal bones combines
with mirepoix, herbs, tomato paste and water in a slow
stovetop reduction to become a thick, velvety demi-glace.
Then, it is packed in 4 lb. buckets and blast frozen.
More about how our veal demi-glace is made

Pure & All Natural
We start with Le Québécois Grain-fed Veal bones, which
have no added antibiotics or hormones.  We add no
preservatives, no stabilizers, no colorings, no gluten,
no added fats, no roux, starches or thickening agents,
no trans-fats, and we don’t alter the pH to make the
product shelf stable. This is the real thing.

Made from a Blend of High-Gelatin Bones

We use a blend of marrow bones, neck bones, scalded calf feet and
“mixed bones.”  This blend is rich in gelatin and flavor, leading to a
veal demi-glace with exceptional texture and flavor.  Most pre-made
veal demi-glace is made from only “mixed bones” because they
are the least expensive, but they also have lower levels of natural gelatin. 

Grain-fed Veal Bones make better Demi-glace
The bones we use are all natural and do not come from animals that were given growth-promoting antibiotics and hormones. All natural grain-fed veal bones lend a purer veal flavor.

Great Flavor Profile & Body
Top chefs describe our demi-glace as having a nice gel, clean veal flavor and being a great time- and money-saver.  Click for veal demi-glace recipes and uses.

Saves you Time & Money
Between energy, labor and ingredients, have you ever truly figured the cost of making veal demi-glace?  With Le Québécois Grain-fed Veal Demi, you’ll know the exact cost of each ounce.  And, it is significantly lower than your in-house demi.  Learn more about how veal demi saves you money.